Build Your Own Online Program

Develop your own online course!

You've seen Marie Forleo's B School, maybe Michelle Bridges or Rachael Finch's new online program and thought; "I've got content and I want to do that for my business!"

I'm here to tell you that you can.


I've spent years in the online marketing space and applied it to many businesses and ideas. I've also run many online courses and events, and have mastered the art of the sales funnel.

And I'm going to tell you all my secrets. The tools I use, the assets you need. How to figure out what is the best content to share and how to market it. I've spent years doing the research, so you don't have to.

Why an online program is a killer idea for your business

No matter what kind of business owner you are, sooner or later you’re going to discover two things:

  1. You have a limited number of hours to spend with clients
  2. There are many more people in need of your help than you have time to work with

The first problem affects your income. The second, your spirit.

And both are detrimental to your business growth.

But what if, for one hour each week, you were able to reach 20 or 40 or even 100 people? Now instead of filling your day with one-on-one calls, you can actually work fewer hours while reaching more people and earning more money.

That’s the beauty of an online program.

You can sell your content, in your sleep.

Our Build Your Own Program course is quick and easy-to-follow and 100% delivered online. In fact you can do the course on just about any device!

Don't put it off any more, get started today and solidify your online program idea!

Scroll down for a full breakdown of the course modules.

Your Instructor

Jac Bowie
Jac Bowie

Jac Bowie is an Australian entrepreneur, radio personality and digital marketing expert best known as the Founder of Business in Heels and earlier, a producer in the arts.

After recently presenting the Drive show on Mix 104.9 in Darwin, she now works by day as Online Content Manager for the same major radio network, overseeing digital for 15 radio stations in VIC/SA, across Geelong, Ballarat, Mildura, Bendigo, Murray Bridge, Riverland, Spencer Gulf and Eyre Peninsula.

In her early 20’s, some well-timed career advice from Sir Richard Branson saw Jac change direction and dive head first into her passion for burlesque. She went on to produce high profile events around the world including Miss Burlesque International, The Burlesque Ball and The Ruby Revue, as well as bespoke events and entertainment for high-end clients such as the MoMA New York, Pacha Moscow, and was Tour Manager for the controversial Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. This was Jac’s first empire; it was here that she began to amass her now huge social media following of more than 30,000 Facebook fans and 30,000 Twitter followers.

She later had an idea for a fresh approach to networking. The concept was simple: Attract the right women, put them in the right space, and allow them to connect socially. If they hit it off, they would find a way to work together. She called it Business In Heels and after three events was approached to license the event to another producer in Melbourne. Less than two years later there were over 50 branches franchised across Australia, New Zealand, Spain, United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Nepal, Canada and Thailand.

And now, she teaches online marketing to women in business through private coaching and online courses.


Class Curriculum

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How The Course is Delivered

Build Your Own Online Program is presented 100% online, so you can access the material from work, home or even on your smart phone.

It's easy to follow, clear and comes with worksheets to keep you on track along the way.

We've also got a support community on Facebook, where you get 24/7 support from Jac and her team, and other students doing the same course as you.

You'll also get access to the same resources as our Private clients, including our eBook Library & Styled Stock Images.



  • We've thrown in our 2 mini-courses, All Killer No Filler and List Build Like A Pro (Worth $49)
  • Cheatsheet on 20 ways you can find paying clients in Facebook Groups
  • 120 Facebook Groups you can target to promote your Online Program, reaching over 300,000 women in business.
  • My own personal list of contractors and freelancers that I use in my business.
  • Niche worksheet to help you determine your niche offering
  • Influencer Toolkit which gives you a comprehensive list of programs you can sign up and join as an influencer
  • Cash Calendar - Plan the next 12 months in your business.